Heidecker and Budimir Talked About EUFOR Activites in BiH

The Commander of EUFOR Major General Dieter Heidecker spoke with the President of the FBiH Živko Budimir, when he informed him of the actual priorities of EUFOR, which include the support of the armed forces of BiH in the education and training and the need to remove surplus ammunition and arms.

President Budimir expressed satisfaction that he had the opportunity to hear more about the current tasks of EUFOR and said that, even if some of the activities of EUFOR do not fall within the scope of his responsibility, he still considers it very useful as he is familiar with the main direction of EUFOR’s activities.

General Major Heidecker and President Budimir expressed their satisfaction that they had the opportunity to meet and exchange opinions of their priorities and key courses of action in 2013, in a statement issued by EUFOR.

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