R. Daviddi for ”SarajevoTimes”: Future of BiH citizens would be brighter in the EU

Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Renzo Daviddi said in an interview to ”SarajevoTimes” that BiH always had capable and strong people, noting that the future of BiH citizens would be much brighter in the EU.

He said that the EU accession process depends on political leaders and citizens of BiH and EU Delegation helps the citizens in the accession process.


”Citizens must pressure politicians to implements measures they’ve agreed upon, as well as to take responsibility for their actions. Numerous analyses and surveys show that BiH citizens do want to enter the EU, but the fact is that the public and civil sector is not pressuring enough the politicians to materialize their promises”, said, among other things, Daviddi in an interview to ”SarajevoTimes”


After one month of its launch, “SarajevoTimes’’ succeeded in gaining the trust of the EU Delegation in BiH, and our team recently visited the headquarters of the EU Delegation in Sarajevo, where we conducted an interview with  Renzo Daviddi, and our readers will soon have the opportunity to read the entire interview on our web site.

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