Hidrogradnja to sell 11 million BAM worth Real Estates?

hidrogradnjaHidrogradnja Ltd. Sarajevo announced a tender for sale of properties that are currently in the possession of this company.

Subject of sale is business building of Hidrogradnja with belonging land in Sarajevo, as well as four business premises in the building “Sarajevo-Mahala” in which Hidrogradnja Ltd. Sarajevo has registered right of disposal.

As stated in tender, all physical and legal entities from B&H and abroad will have the right to submit offers, and the priority in selecting the most favorable offer will have the bidder who offers the highest price, and the sale will take place on the principle “viewed and bought” and later complaints will not be taken into consideration.

The lowest selling price of selling subject amounted to 11,000,000.00 BAM, and lower offers will not be considered.

(Source: akta.ba)

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