Sarajevo: New Year’s Eve Celebrations costing from 10 BAM to 160 BAM

new yearCitizens who are planning to celebrate the New Year in the capital of B&H can decide to spend the evening with live music in exclusive hotels and restaurants, in the open in front of the BBI center, or in many pubs, bars and clubs. They are supposed to pay between 10 and 160 BAM for this pleasure.

Those who choose to welcome the year of 2016 in the open will pay the least, and they will be waiting for the year of 2016 at the Square of the children of Sarajevo, where young singers and groups, Amel Curic, Zoster, Velahavle and Radarska kontrola, will be entertaining them.

Traditional concert of the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra at the National Theatre will be held for all of the lovers of classical music, and ticket prices will range from 70 BAM to 90 BAM.

Residents of Sarajevo will be able to enjoy the folk music by Halid Beslic at the Hotel Hollywood, and a gala dinner with welcoming drink will cost 160 BAM. Somewhat cheaper New Year’s Eve dinner will be in the Vienna cafe of the Hotel Europe, where visitors will have to pay 150 BAM for music by Neno Muric, while for those who decide to listen the hotel band in the restaurant, the price will be 80 BAM.

In the hotel “Radon Plaza”, Maid Hecimovic, Amna Keskin and Alem Kadic with the band will entertain guests for 100 BAM, while Lana Hamza and Dream Hause Band will take care for a pleasant atmosphere in the rotating restaurant “Plava Prizma”.

For all those who decide to spend the New Year holidays in the mountains, there will be organized program in hotels on Bjelasnica and Jahorina.

Young people will spend the “craziest night” in some of Sarajevo’s pubs and clubs with live music or electronic music by many DJs.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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