High Delegation of EU EEAS met with Representatives of BiH’s Armed Forces

The delegation of the European Union’s Foreign Affairs Office EEAS, led by Head of Europe Department Kathleen Verstreken, paid an official visit to the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday.

On behalf of the Minister of Defense of BiH, the Deputy Minister for International Cooperation Zoran Sajinovic and his associates met with the EU delegation. At the meeting, it was discussed the strategic review of the EUFOR ALTHEA Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sajinovic welcomed the members of the delegation of EU experts for foreign affairs, thanked them for the support that EUFOR in BiH provides to the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH in the field of training and development of the capacities and capabilities of the Armed Forces of BiH.

Sajinovic highlighted that the EUFOR ALTHEA mission is important not only for BiH, but also for regional stability and security. He added that EUFOR forces in BiH are an important partner for improving the overall capabilities and capacities of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also, delegations discussed the ways of co-operation with EUFOR forces in BiH, with particular emphasis on the collective training, the process of resolving armed and ammunition surpluses, demining, preparation and participation of members of BiH Armed Forces in the collective security operation.

They highlighted the participation of members of BiH Armed Forces in the EU-led Operation in the Central African Republic, as well as the possibilities of increasing our contribution to other missions.

The visiting delegation has been particularly interested in the key areas in which BiH Armed Forces and EUFOR missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina are cooperating, and in what area EUFOR could do more in terms of additional support to the Armed Forces of BiH in the process of destruction of ammunition surpluses, demining and enhancing the security environment in BiH.

The delegation consisted of Mrs. Verstreken, the expert group of the EU Foreign Affairs Office David Palmer of ALTHEA Operations Headquarters from SHAPE, Tatjana Jaksicova, Strategic Operator of ALTHEA, Olivia De Guerry and Colonel Rob Smeaton.

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