Highways in RS: From Doboj to Bosanska Gradiska soon

highways RSBesides highways constructed in the Federation of B&H, our country got the first kilometers of the highway in the BH entity Republic Srpska few years ago.

It is about the road section Banja Luka-Bosanska Gradiska. Construction started in 2004, and the final kilometers of this 32.1 km long section were opened in 2013.

Besides this section, the road section Prnjavor-Doboj is also in the final stage. Completion of works was firstly planned for November this year, but due to objective circumstances, primarily last year’s floods, this deadline will be postponed. After the completion, this section will bring new 36.6 km of highway to B&H, and value of the investment amounts to around 180 million EUR.

Preparatory works on the section Banja Luka.-Prnjavor, 35.3 km long, started recently and will cost around 160 million EUR.

With the completion of these two sections, B&H would get almost 100 kilometers of the highway and thus people would be able to drive through the highway from Doboj to Bosanska Gradiska.

Currently the most important project is bridge above Sava with which the highway Banja Luka-Gradiska would connect to the highway A3, and after that, probably the largest part of the export of animal origin would go through Bosanska Gradiska.



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