History Class: Sarajevo Cable Car was put into Operation back in 1959

Month of April is very important for Sarajevo and its residents who are remembering victims of fascism World War II these days, as well as victims from the last war in BiH.

Besides historical facts, this date will be remembered for putting the cable car back into operation last year. After 26 years, the residents of the capital of BiH finally have their cable car back, and they had the opportunity to drive in one of the most important symbols of Sarajevo.

“Sarajevo cable car was put into operation back in 1959, and it was connecting the settlement of Bistrik with the Viewpoint on Trebevic Mountain. The cable car was designed and constructed by domestic companies, and only the driving section was ordered from “Transeksport” company from the then Czechoslovakia. A restaurant was opened on the arrival station at the viewpoint, and the cable car was one of the most important in the former Yugoslavia. Vertical height difference between the first and the last station was more than 500 meters. The cabins, which had the capacity of 4-5 passengers, were transporting passengers from starting to the final station in only 12 minutes, according to the Historical Archive of BiH.

“Sarajevo-Trebevic cable car was officially put into operation yesterday, in an official ceremony that was held at the starting station in Dimitrija Tucovica Street. The opening was attended by a large number of citizens, and the plateau in front of the cable car was full of people who came to see the release. Among the attendees were Grujo Novakovic, Nisim Albahari, members of the Executive Committee of the Central Committee of BiH, Dane Olbina and Cedo Kapor, members of the Executive Council of BiH, Braco Kosovac, the Secretary of State for Goods, as well as numerous other public and political workers. A large number of people from Sarajevo followed the release of the cable car from their houses, neighbouring streets and gardens,” as written about that day.

“Construction of the cable car in Sarajevo – both construction and installation works – started a year ago, and preparatory works started in the year of 1956. The total amount of 221,000,000 dinars was invested in the cable car. Several local and one foreign company took part in the construction and delivery of equipment for the cable car, whose length amounted to about 2 kilometers.

The cable car, which offers a very beautiful view of the capital city, needs only 12 minutes from Trebevic to Sarajevo. A total of 800 people could be transported in both directions in a total of 50 cabins in an hour. The cable car contained all safety signalling devices. There were waiting rooms for passengers at the starting and the final station as well.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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