HNK is making a step forward in their tourism offer

Tourist Association of Herzegovina Neretva Canton (HNK) held yesterday in Mostar a presentation of the project ‘Adristorical Lands – History, Culture, Tourism, Art and Old Crafts at European Adriatic Area’.

According to expert associate in Tourist Association of HNK Ramiz Bašić, the project Adristorical Land was created through cooperation of public and private institutions from seven regions from Adriatic and five countries of Adriatic area; Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and BiH.

Project activities are directed towards creating new forms of tenable tourism through evaluation of certain significant marks present at the Adriatic area, such as historical settlements, fortified cities, artists’ houses and historical theatres.

This is one of the most important over-border projects of cooperation in tourism sector with the budget of 3,900,000 EUR, and it is financed from the funds of the European Union as a part of the IPA Adriatic 2007-2013 program, and HNK will get 200 000 EUR, with 30 000 EUR which are going to be spent in the project of personal income.

One part of the funds will be invested to in procurement of multimedia totem, so called talking monuments that present a pilot project in the area of HNK, said Bašić, and noted that the part of the money will be invest for rehabilitation of monuments and promotion of artists from HNK.

Project Adristorical Lands, apart from protection and promotion of territorial uniqueness and smaller areas, emphasizes joint promotion of tourist itineraries of Adriatic at the international level.

After identifying special areas of uniqueness in HNK, special index card that have data on every area were realized in accordance with international scientific literature for exploration and cataloguing of tourism data.

Collected information includes events in theatres, artists’ houses, fairs, museums, monuments, including the old local tradition of craftsmanship and heritage in the field of wine and food, and it will serve to create itineraries that connect project territories and catalogue realization.

In HNK, base of areas of cultural and tourism interest, as well as those areas of cultural-historical heritage is planned to be created, and 31 unique area including museums, fortified cities and galleries have been identified in HNK.


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