Hospital in Bihac received valuable Medical Equipment from EU


Citizens of Bihać will benefit from the newly renovated public lighting system, enabled by the European Union in an effort to improve the safety and quality of life in the town. In addition, the Cantonal Hospital in Bihać received a new X-ray machine today, which will support medical professionals in ensuring more quality patient care and treatment.

Richard Maša, Head of Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina, underlined that the European Union is most loyal and stable partner of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that the new lighting system will not only improve the safety of citizens but enable significant energy reduction. “Over 3,000 old lamps have been replaced, and one of our priorities has been to ensure that areas around hospitals and schools in Bihać receive new and safer public lighting”, noted Maša.

“I am proud to say that we have completed the most significant public lighting project in Bihać. This €600,000 project, funded by the European Union, has enabled us to install LED lighting in 136 streets and replace 120 dilapidated metal poles. It is only in this manner can the city of Bihać can continue to grow and develop,” said Šuhret Fazlić, Mayor of Bihać.

As part of the European Union’s support to fight against COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, high quality medical equipment has been provided to medical institutions across the country. Hospitals in Una Sana Canton have so far received equipment worth €80,000. During his visit to ‘Irfan Ljubijankic’ Hospital, Maša noted that EU support will continue throughout the upcoming period. In addition to an anesthesia machine and mobile X-ray machine, as well as significant protective equipment, Bihać hospitals will receive three new ventilators.

“This is not our first donation to Bihać and we are expecting more to come by the end of this week. Out of €7 million for saving lives, we have delivered some 30% so far and we will continue. The next part of our assistance is to save jobs and to help entrepreneurs, farmers and particularly important for Bihać, tourism workers, receive grants and help their businesses survive,” said Maša.

Hajrudin Havić, Director of Bihać Cantonal hospital said that the new mobile X-ray machine will significantly ease the work of the hospital, “The machine will be used in the department for pulmonary patients and infectious diseases. So far, we had to transport the patients to other facilities to conduct examinations but now this will be much easier and effective,” said Havić.

The Head of Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina also visited the emergency migrant reception centre Lipa in Bihać. The European has provided funds to reduce the health risks of the residents. Since 2018, the European Union has allocated €60 million to assist BiH authorities towards addressing migration issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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