How many Applications for Voting abroad were processed so far?

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of BiH received around 95,000 applications for voting outside BiH until the end of the deadline on July 24, and they processed 75,000 of them so far, as stated by spokesperson of CEC BiH, Maksida Piric.

According to her, 8,000 of 75,000 processed applications did not meet the requirements. This means that some of the required documents are missing or the submitted document is invalid, i.e. the form has not been signed or delivered.

When it comes to the processed applications, majority of them came from the Republic of Croatia (about 20,000), about 12,000 of them came from Serbia and around 10,000 from Germany.

Piric said that the CEC is finalizing the process of validation of lists of candidates for upcoming elections in BiH.

After the regular candidate lists have been verified, the deadline for submitting the compensation lists expired yesterday at 4 p.m.

“After we complete the process of verification, we will also verify the compensation lists that meet the required conditions and we will publish them in the official Gazette and other means of public information together with the regular ones before August 23. Verified candidate lists were already published on our website. We would like to invite all of the candidates and political subjects to check the data on the verified candidate lists and to report to us if they find any type of mistake, before we officially publish them in the official gazettes,” stated Piric.

(Source: klix.ba)








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