What is the Amount of Public Debt of BiH?

Public debt of BiH amounted to a total of 11.353.620.000 BAM at the end of last year, out of which 7.851.990.000 BAM or 69.16 % referred to external debt, while 3.501.630.000 BAM or 30,84 % referred to the internal debt, as stated in the public information on the indebtedness of BiH, which will be on the agenda of the session of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of BiH on Tuesday, September 4.

When it comes to the total amount of indebtedness, the FBiH participated with 5.935.420.000 BAM or 52.28 %, the RS took part with 5.303.690.000 BAM or 46.71 %, Brcko District with 40.280.000 BAM or 0.36 %, while the institutions of BiH participated with 74.230.000 BAM or 0,65 %.

In comparison to the year of 2016, the total public debt was decreased by 744.590.000 BAM or 6.15 %, the external debt was decreased by 695.600.000 BAM or 8.14 %, and the internal debt was decreased by 48.990.000 BAM or 1.38 %.

The share of the public debt of BiH in gross domestic product in the year of 2017 amounted to 35.62 %, according to information.

In the structure of external debt towards creditors, the largest participation has the World Bank – International Association for Development and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development with 32.64 % and the European Investment Bank with 24.32 %.

(Source: klix.ba)

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