How much will the Football Federation earn, and how much the Dragons will?

Bosnia Herzegovina trainingFootball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will play against the national team of the Republic of Ireland in the playoffs for European Championships which is to be played next year in France. Besides for the historical placement to the European Championships, the national team players of B&H will also play for rich premiums provided by UEFA.

Apart from the fact that eight teams more will play at the European Championships in France in comparison with the European Championships played in Ukraine and Poland, the prize fund provided by UEFA for the participants at the review of the best national teams on the Old Continent is a lot bigger. Thereby, the national teams which qualified for the European Championships in 2012 earned 8.5 million EUR each. Victory in the group stage was awarded with additional million EUR, and a draw with 500.000 EUR.

The team that ended third-ranked in the group received a million EUR, and participants of the quarterfinals got two million EUR. Each participant in the semifinals received three million EUR. The defeated finalist got 4.5 million EUR, while the winner received additional 7.5 million EUR. Therefore, Spain earned 24 million EUR in total from the European Championships held in 2012.

Rewards for EURO in France are still unknown, besides those for participation only. Thereby, all national teams that qualify for the European Championships will cash in 12 million EUR, which is by 3.5 million EUR more compared with EURO 2012. Other rewards will also probably be higher, given that the champion of Europe is expected to cash in between 30 and 35 million EUR.

Prior to the beginning of qualifications for the European Championships, the coach Sušić and the captain Edin Džeko agreed on the distribution of financial means with the officials of the Federation. In case of direct qualification, distribution in the ratio 50-50 percent was agreed, and in case of qualification through playoffs 60-40 percent. Given that the only way for B&H to qualify to EURO is through playoffs, national team players of B&H will divide 4.8 million EUR. In case of qualification, the reward will be distributed according to the minutes played in the qualifications for the European Championships.


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