HR Inzko thanked Grlic Radman for Steps that Croatia extends to BiH on its European Path

The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, met with the Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grlic Radman yesterday in Sarajevo.

High Representative Inzko and Minister Grlic Radman discussed the overall political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The High Representative informed Minister Grlic Radman about the status of the implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and partly about his forthcoming Report to the UN Security Council.

“Those in charge of political processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina need to develop a sense of urgency and responsibility in addressing the needs of the citizens and in implementing the necessary reforms. Friends in the international community, which are numerous, will help Bosnia and Herzegovina overcome all the obstacles in the integration processes, but the domestic political stakeholders must join the efforts of the International Community,” said the High Representative.

The High Representative Inzko thanked Minister for all constructive steps that the Republic of Croatia extends to BiH on its European integration path.

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