HR Schmidt explained how can Crisis in BiH be solved

The High Representative (HR) for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Christian Schmidt, stated that he is in favor of dialogue between various entities in the Federation of BiH (FBiH), but also that he prefers useful assistance from all neighboring countries in resolving the crisis in BiH, and that talks with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic are very useful.

In an interview with the Tanjug agency, when asked whether the crisis in BiH can be resolved through dialogue, or whether it is calculated that the solution is pressure on the Republika Srpska(RS) and Milorad Dodik, he explained that a conversation within both BiH and RS would be recommendable.

Schmidt sees this conversation primarily with, as he says, politicians who do not agree with Dodik, and there are many of them in that entity.

“The problem is not in the dialogue between the international community and him (Dodik), many people are talking to him, and I invited him and a lot of important people invited him to talk to me. We have to talk in the name of good development of the country and I do not reject the proposals at all because they come from RS. I have to be neutral, ” said Schmidt.

I like coming to Belgrade

Asked whether he sees himself, given the challenges to his legitimacy, as a man who can resolve the current crisis in BiH, Schmidt told he can contribute to a solution in the best possible way.

That is very helpful and it is good that I do not have to introduce myself to President Vucic or other political leaders from Serbia because I have been here before. Belgrade and Sarajevo are close by air and if necessary we will talk depending on the situation. We will see. I like coming to Belgrade, ” Schmidt noted.

One state, one army

Commenting on the statement by the commander of the EUFOR military mission in BiH, Austrian General Alexander Platzer, that he did not see “any classic military threat” in the statements of Presidency member Milorad Dodik, and that the international community could hardly prevent the return of more armies, and sentence that RS wants to regain that jurisdiction and that it is not clear why is it disputable, Schmidt said he appreciated Platzer’s opinion, but that the mentioned issue should be discussed further.

Comparison with Kosovo

Speaking about the comparison of the situation in BiH and with Kosovo, Schmidt stressed that the two situations are not comparable since BiH has a different structure and different challenges.

”I am aware that both countries are in the focus of Serbia because of the Serbian population, but the challenges in Kosovo are different. BiH is on the path to European integration. It is more about fulfilling promises, there is no situation at the borders like in Kosovo, ” Schmidt pointed out in an interview.

He added that the good news for BiH is that some of the internal discussions can be resolved with the help of neighboring countries and the EU, but also with his help.


Source: Avaz

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