Humanitarian Organization Merhamet distributed Aid to the Refugees

Merhamet Aid for Refugees klix.baThe Humanitarian organization Muslim Charity Society ”Merhamet” delivered the aid in food, water, sweets, hygiene products, and diapers for children to the refugees from Syria and other countries who have found a shelter in Belgrade.

The volunteers of ”Merhamet” distributed aid to the refugees concentrated at two locations, near the bus station in Belgrade.

The activity was conducted with the help of the Muftiship of Belgrade.

The president of ”Merhamet” Hajrudin Sahic said that, besides intervention aid which has been distributed to the refugees, this organization will also provide for the preparation of meals for the refugees.

“Our aim is to help the refugees in transit to preserve their dignity. I invite all people of good will to join our campaign and help us provide normal conditions for the people in trouble, as much as it is possible. These people who left their homes deserved every kind of assistance. All citizens of B&H are in solidarity with them and, given that the citizens of B&H were going through this exodus as well, we know what it means to move from your home”, said Sahic.

Sahic emphasized that they will keep helping the migrants and that the aid intended for them by ”Merhamet” amounts to around 10.000 EUR.

On behalf of the Islamic Community of Serbia, Muedib Sahinovic said that it was planned to provide one cooked meal daily for the refugees passing through Serbia as soon as possible.

“With the help of ‘Merhamet’, the kitchen that will prepare between 200 and 500 meals daily that will be distributed at the territory of Belgrade is to start working in that city. That is an elementary act of humanity. Serbia and B&H today jointly demonstrate that humanity knows no boundaries, that all good and beautiful in people emerges when it is needed the most”, Sahinovic said.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/ photo klix)

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