Hundred Migrants transported to Usivak Camp in Sarajevo

A hundred migrants, who reside in Una-Sana Canton, were transported to Sarajevo in Usivak camp. Muris Selimovic, the Ušivak Reception Center Coordinator and the Foreign Service Representative, pointed out that this center could accommodate 100 people and no more than that.

A group of about 100 migrants have previously lived in the reception centers of Bira and Miral in Bihać and Velika Kladuša.

From the Ministry of Security of BiH it is confirmed that this is a decision of the State Operational Staff and that the transportation is within the competence of the Department for Foreign Affairs of BiH, with the assistance of members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Una-Sana Canton (MUP).

“Police members of the Una-Sana Canton in this case assisted or provided assistance with the BiH Foreign Affairs Agency during transport. From the reception centers of Bira and Miral, a group of about 100 migrants were displaced, and were transported from two buses to Ušivak in Hadzici,” Ale Šiljdedić, a spokesman of MUP told Federal News Agency.

It is also noted that it is the first group of migrants and refugees displaced from the Una-Sana Canton area, since a total of 250 people will be transferred to other reception centers in BiH.

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