Meeting of a Working Group on Criminal Prosecution of returning Foreign Fighters held

Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadić, along with prosecutors and staff of the Section for Terrorism of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, participated at a meeting of a working group on criminal prosecution of returning foreign fighters, organized by the US DOJ-OPDAT and US Embassy in Sarajevo.

Representatives of the prosecutor’s office, as well as police and security agencies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, are participating at the working group meeting and discussing, together with international colleagues – experts in this field, the topics related to prosecution of returning foreign fighters.

The issues concerning the required activities in the fight against the dangers of criminal offences related to terrorism, the stay of BiH citizens at foreign battlefields and their return and the necessary activities of all agencies and institutions involved in this process are discussed at the meeting aiming to ensure that the criminal offenses are prosecuted more efficiently.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has, so far, issued indictments against 24 persons charged with the criminal offenses related to participation in the foreign battlefields of Syria and Iraq which all resulted with convictions. A number of investigations are being conducted with partner domestic and international agencies since international cooperation and coordination is an important segment in the effective fight against these criminal offenses.


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