What is Number of used Plastic Bags in BiH?

Bosnia and Herzegovina has insufficiently developed municipal waste collection system, lacking sanitary landfills, a large percentage of waste is diverted to municipal and municipal landfills, many wild landfills, and releases about 1.2 billion plastic bags annually, Federal News Agency reports.

This means that 100 million bags is used monthly in BiH, and the total quantity of bags placed on the FBiH market is increasing every, and, together with municipal waste in BiH, it makes a big problem.

The number of reported bags in 2014 was about 66,433,500, in 2015 64,450,800, in 2016 67,821,000 and in 2017 69,992,900. Out of the number of reported bags, a smaller percentage of waste is payable and the number of such bags is declining, as in 2014 it was about 9,321,600 and in 2017 3,057,500.

During production of a plastic bag, about 200 milligrams of CO2 is emitted. To get a plastic bag, about 500kJ of natural gas, 120kJ of oil or 80kJ of coal is consumed.

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