During the Cleaning of the local Communities, new illegal Dumps are often found

Eco HUB Blagaj, coordinated by the Youth Club Novi val Blagaj, was launched as part of the project “Thoughts on Nature” implemented by the Center for the Promotion of Civil Society with the financial support of Sweden. Today in Blagaj, they presented the activities carried out in 5 local communities in the area of ​​Capljina, Stolac, Nevesinje, Ljubinje and Blagaj. By animating the local population, a lot of work has been done to clean and collect waste.

Eco HUB Blagaj held 18 cleaning actions in which more than 500 bags of waste were collected in 5 local communities. Showing people to follow their example and care for the environment by raising environmental awareness is their primary task. The education of schoolchildren is also indispensable, points out Sanita Jazvin, a pedagogue at the Blagaj Elementary School.

During the action of cleaning local communities, new illegal dumps are often found, which is a huge problem.

Adnan Duliman from Novi Val points out that the Stolac landfill is still one of the biggest problems: “It is in the immediate vicinity of Bregava, 20-30 meters from the river. It does not meet any criteria. ”

It should not be forgotten that all natural resources depend on our individual actions. Each individual is responsible for their own garbage, so keep that in mind when disposing of it. Throwing garbage anywhere except in a container directly pollutes the environment.

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