Igman Company plans to produce new Calibres​

”We plan to renovate the equipment which is in good condition but as far as age is concerned it is quite old. We plan to produce new calibers,” said Dahid Muratbegovic, director of the company Igman Konjic, as reported by Hayat.

That would mean new investments and new employments. The Development Bank of the Federation of BiH, which has been a partner with Igman since 2010, will also have a role in that.

”I fondly remember 2010/11 when we got a big loan for one big export business and that was the beginning of our great success. Even today, we are in the credit line that we hope to successfully realize, and we also talked about new projects, so we hope that we will need the Development Bank in the future,” said Muratbegovic.

”Igman is in a new investment cycle financed by the Development Bank. It is an imposing company, the leader of the purpose-built industry in BiH, among the five in the region that exceeds the turnover of over 100 million BAM, has over 1,300 employees, a company that meets the standards of NATO and Russia’s eastern partners. We are very pleased with the relationship we have established with these years. Our relationship was initially in the trust phase, and now it is a higher level. We are now real partners and we will always be there to support all the new projects ahead of them, while appreciating Igman’s engagement so far because they have made one profitable company. We believe that through new production lines and new programs that Igman will offer, Razvojna Banka will support this because of the work of Konjic, this part of Herzegovina and the Federation of BiH,” said Semir Fejzic, acting president of the Management Board of the Development Bank of the Federation of BiH.

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