IMF: We are encouraged by the Positive Processes in the FB&H

meeting3After meeting with representatives of the Government of FB&H, the head of the IMF mission in B&H Nadeem Ilahi expressed his satisfaction with the positive processes that are visible in the FB&H, especially emphasizing the results of the Government of FB&H in the implementation of the Reform Agenda.

Prime Minister of the FB&H Fadil Novalic and Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister of Finance Jelka Milicevic and associates, talked today with a delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the headquarters of the Government of FB&H in Sarajevo.

The IMF delegation is staying in B&H from the 28th of October, and after discussions with representatives of the Council of Ministers, entity governments and other institutions, they will conduct the review of the situation for the preparation of the decision on the new credit agreement or program that would be beneficial for both the Executive Board of the IMF and authorities in B&H.

Assembly of a new arrangement with the IMF and other international financial institutions, said Ilahi, will depend on progress of implementation of reforms and achieving the set objectives on the way of recovery of the B&H economy. The issues such as the budget for 2016, reducing of current spending and restrictions in the public sector of employment, pension insurance, the state administration etc. were specially highlighted.

Prime Minister Novalic specially emphasized current results in the implementation of the Reform Agenda, saying that this year was difficult, because the reform laws in the area of labor legislation needed to be adopted, and that the following year will be filled with work on improving the business environment for investors, which means faster licensing for registration of business subjects, greater control of parafiscal fees, fight against the gray economy and incentives for employment.


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