”Impossible” and ”Gangster Squad” at Cinema City Sarajevo

Cinema City Sarajevo continues to surprise all its visitors with great, new films.  After a successful first week of January, from the 10th of January Cinema City will begin screening the newest thriller  based on a true story of survival and destiny of one family during the biggest natural catastrophe of our times, the tsunami in Thailand in 2004. The film ”Impossible”, directed by Juan Antonio Bayon, is a story about a married couple and their three sons who are spending their vacation in Tailand after which nothing will be the same again.

A new crime drama will also be screened at Cinema City Sarajevo from the 10th of January. ” Gangster Squad” is a new crime drama with an excellent acting cast. The story takes us to Los Angeles in the 1940’s and 1950’s and talks about the remorseless fight between gangsters and police.





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