“Tajna džema od malina” at Sarajevo War Theatre

Tajna-džema-od-malina-SARTR-Sarajevo1“Tajna džema od malina” is a dramatization of a collection of stories under the same name by Karim Zaimović (1971-1995). He was one of the biggest literary talents in this region in the 20th century. His tragic death prevented the full development and realization of an enormous literary talent.

“Tajna džema od malina” ensured Zaimović a significant place in the history of B&H literature. The book was written during the siege, and for this reason it will be performed in Sarajevo War Theatre. Many believe that the tragic fate of B&H literature of the 20th century was the fate of Karim Zaimović.

Sarajevo War Theatre will perform this play in co-production with the Foundation Karim Zaimović and international theatre festivals MESS and WARM.

The play is scheduled for Saturday, 28 September and Sunday, 29 September 2013.


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