Impressions after the Conference in Srebrenica

conferenceTwo-day investment and development conference in Srebrenica has ended. During two last days, it was talked about possibilities and launching of economy which would revive this region. Banja Guber offers the most possibilities, and first results and hiring are expected already next year.

Yesterday’s part of the investment conference went by in a much peaceful ambience. Political officials have left Srebrenica already two days ago, and yesterday it was discussed about concrete projects. Already successfully realized stories in Srebrenica such as Klas, Food Valley, Zvorničanka, Mag-Mal and others have been presented to the attendees.

For the fast two days, Srebrenica has been as spot of nice stories and positive atmosphere. However, both the citizens and the investors expect the most precisely from the launching of Banja Guber. Everyone agrees that the region of Srebrenica would economically come to life through the launching of tourist and medicinal potentials offered by Banja Guber.

The investor of Banja Guber Radojica Ratkovac stated that he is very satisfied with the conference, since unity was demonstrated. The politics has been neglected, and significant investments in Srebrenica have been promised.

This conference definitely has a historical significance, given that all relevant individuals from B&H and the region attended it. It speaks of the seriousness of approach when it comes to the future of Srebrenica. Local community has also demonstrated one quality which will, hopefully, yield positive results soon”, Ratkovac said.


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