Improve Cooperation of BIH and Russia By Concluding Intergovernmental Agreement

ruski ambasador 2The Deputy Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers and the State Minister for Finance and Treasury Nikola Špirić received yesterday the Ambassador of Russia to BiH Aleksandar Bocan-Harčenko.

THey agreed that bilateral relations are good, but that cooperation between BiH and Russia should improve with the conclusion of an intergovernmental agreement.

In this regard, it was pointed out that an agreement should be prepared on avoidance of double taxation between the two countries.

Minister Špirić stressed that there is a willingness of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BIH to intensify activities in connection with the preparation of agreements on the avoidance of double taxation between BiH and Russia.

They spoke of the current political situation, as well as solving issues regarding debt of the former USSR, announced the BiH Ministry of Treasury and Finance.


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