Improvement of Tourist Offer: 63.573 BAM to be ensured for the Trim Track

Project tourist offerThe project “Improvement and promotion of tourist offer“, that was chosen as a part of four project initiatives of the IMC in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been selected for funding within the Project of integrated local development (ILDP), involves the construction of the trim track at Balkans with the aim of the development of sport and recreational tourism with the length of 1.300 meters. For its realization, municipality will provide 31.954 BAM, and 31.619 BAM will be provided from the funds of UNDP/ ILDP. This project is being done by the municipality Mrkonjic Grad in the cooperation with municipality Jajce.

“With the realization of this project, conditions for the improvement of the tourist infrastructure will be made, as well as the improvement and the promotion of the tourist offer in the area of municipality Mrkonjic Grad and municipality Jajce by connecting and enrichment of tourist facilities“, said Goran Todorovic, director of the Agency for economic development of the municipality Mrkonjic Grad.

ILDP is a joint initiative of the Government of Switzerland and UNDP, that is being realized in the cooperation of the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, Federal Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government of RS and both associations of municipalities and cities. Project is working on the strengthening of the system of strategically planning at the local level in BiH, contributing to the realization of local development strategies and improvement of quality of life of citizens.



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