In just 24 Hours, 40.000 Euros were collected for little Fatma

After the humanitarian organization Pomozi.ba started a fundraising campaign for little girl Fatma from Kakanj, in just 24 hours, enough funds were collected for the placement of cochlear implants.

On the Facebook profile of the organization Pomozi.ba, it was announced that the necessary 40.000 euros had been collected and thus the humanitarian action had ended.

Little Fatma cannot speak or hear, more precisely, from her birth, she has severe hearing impairment of 98 percent in both ears. After wearing hearing aids for four months, her condition unfortunately worsened.

That is why Fatma’s family decided to turn to the organization Pomozi.ba, which, after launching the humanitarian number and publishing the invoice for the payment of donations, raised funds in record time in order to help this little girl hear again.

The money raised will be used to travel to Turkey where Fatma will have cochlear implants implanted in both ears.


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