In which Place did the Eid Tradition in BiH start?

The Eid tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) actually started from Turhan Emin-beg’s mosque in Ustikolina, the oldest mosque in our country.

The people of Ustikolina practice the Quran values of Eid but also preserve folk customs.

Besim ef. Hodzic, Imam of the Jabuka Jamaat at the Majlis of Islamic Community Ustikolina said that the customs of Eid are those in which we search for “eschatological treasure”, and that a special feature of Eid is “preservation of tradition”.

Adna Salman, a local resident told that for Eid it is common to “visit relatives, see children play and celebrate Eid”.

On the other hand, a local resident Ema Karovic is happy with family gatherings and “hanging out with her parents”.

Eid brings special joy to children. It is important to mention that members of the Ustikolina Women’s Association, despite having personal obligations, managed to organize an Eid for children.

“We invited our youth to come, to spend an hour or two with us, to see each other a little bit, to talk about this Eid,” stated one of the members of the association, Rusmira Delic.

Sara Omerbasic, a resident of Ustikolina, emphasized that she “came to hang out for a while” and pointed out that the membersof the association treated people with the “delicious” Eid cakes.

The children also shared their joy with the people who care about the public goods of the citizens of Ustikolina.

“Most of us made some cakes and we brought them to the on-duty team of the Health Center, but also to the police in Ustikolina since they were the most exposed during the pandemic,” noted Sara Mulabdic from the Youth Network of the Mufti of Gorazde.

The people of Ustikolina also fulfilled the Eid obligation of the Kurban. It is an Eid custom that makes children happy, but also those who are in need, BHRT writes.

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