Viskovic: The maximum Number of People should be vaccinated so that we could be ready for the fourth Wave

Radovan Viskovic, the Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska (RS), yesterday called on the citizens of the RS to take advantage of the favorable epidemiological situation and get vaccinated, because it is necessary to vaccinate the maximum number of people in RS in order to be ready for the upcoming fourth wave of the virus which is already being talked about in the profession and the media.

In Zvornik, Viskovic reiterated that, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the medical profession, vaccination is the only cure against the coronavirus.

“In order to protect ourselves, our families, work colleagues, the workplace, and the economy, we should use our right and get vaccinated,” said Viskovic after talks with Alumina CEO Milo Matic and after visiting a vaccination center for workers in this company.

While pointing out that currently there is a sufficient number of vaccines in RS, Viskovic called on all citizens of the RS, all employees, all people who want to be vaccinated, to do it for their health and for the health of others.

“I have just talked to the health workers who are vaccinating Alumina workers here, and I received an opinion from them that the favorable epidemiological situation should be used and that people should get vaccinated now,” Viskovic stated.

He emphasized that the possible upcoming fourth wave of the virus can be welcomed in the right way only if as many people as possible are vaccinated, not only in “Alumina” but throughout the RS.

Viskovic noted that throughout the RS, vaccination is provided in an organized manner for workers in their production facilities, where health workers come with their logistics.

The Prime Minister of the RS expressed satisfaction with the response of the workers of the company “Alumina” for the vaccine and stressed that in that team, the workers can choose among three types of vaccine – “Pfizer”, “Sinopfarm”, and”Sputnik V”.

When it comes to the company ”Alumina”, about 210 workers applied for the vaccination, of which about 130 were vaccinated yesterday, while about 80 employees will receive the vaccine today.

About 200 workers were vaccinated in this company earlier.


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