Incentives for business development

Minister of Development, Entrepreneurship and Trade of FBiH Sanjin Halimović signed contracts in Mostar with 308 natural and legal entities from the FBiH on the allocation of incentive funds for 2012.

2,510,000 BAM of incentives will support the development of business infrastructure, the establishment, survival and development of micro, small and medium enterprises and trade, and the development of Entrepreneurship in FBiH.

The funds were approved by the Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Trade and will be used to construct business zones in 13 municipalities in FBiH, to give scholarships for 80 students, support innovators, support the introduction of ISO standards, CE markings and new technologies, incentives for young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs incentives, incentives to old traditional crafts, subsidizing interest rates on business loans, incentives to newly established small businesses and incentives for the associations of entrepreneurs and craftsmen and educational institutions.

These funds are allocated to the ten programs, and the largest amount of money was given for the development of business infrastructure in the FBiH, while the rest is given to other projects.

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