Increase in Tourist Arrivals to Bosnia-Herzegovina in December



In December last year, tourists made 96,265 visits to Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is 0.1% less than in November last year and 10.8% more than in December 2018.

Tourists stayed 192,906 nights, up 1.3% compared to November 2019 and 14.0% higher than December 2018. The share of domestic tourists in the total number of overnight stays is 38.1%, while the share of foreign tourists is 61.9%.

The number of overnight stays of domestic tourists increased by 2.8% compared to November 2019 and increased by 11.2% compared to December 2018. The number of overnight stays of foreign tourists is 0.3% higher than in November 2019 and 15.8% higher than in December 2018.

In the structure of overnight stays of foreign tourists in December 2019, the most nights were realized by tourists from Croatia (28.4%), Serbia (13.3%), Slovenia (8.3%), Germany (5.2%) and Austria and Italy with 3.7% each, which is a total of 62.6%. Tourists from other countries realized 37.4% of tourist nights.

Regarding the length of stay of foreign tourists in our country, in the first place are tourists from Iran with an average stay of 7.7 nights, Romania with 4.2 nights, Cyprus with 4.0 nights, Kuwait 3.8 nights, Qatar with 3.2 nights, and Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates with 3.0 nights each.

In December 2019, in the category – Hotels and similar accommodation, tourists were offered a total of 17,243 rooms and apartments, which is 3.8% more than in December 2018 and 35,587 beds, which is 5.4% more than in the same period. the same month of the previous year.

By type of accommodation facility, the largest number of overnight stays was recorded in hotels and similar accommodation with a share of 93.5%.


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