Increased Production and Purchase of Milk on the Farms

milkFor dairy Inmer from Gradacac, which is part of the company Lactalis BH, member of the world’s largest dairy group Lactalis Group, the year of 2015 was a record in several segments of its operation.

Successful business year of the new domestic dairy is reflected in the increase of production by 10% in comparison with 2014, which is the result of constant investment in technology, equipment and innovation, as well as top-quality products of local brands Dukat, Domace blago and Dar prirode, which was recognized and confirmed by consumers and professionals.

“Our commitment to the development, continuous improvement of the quality of our products and adaptation to the needs of consumers. Lactalis Group invested so far over 18 million BAM in the dairy Inmer, and new investments are planned in the following period, as well as the opening of new, modern production facilities in Gradacac in order for the quality of our products to be at the maximum level,” said Dusko Glisic, director of the company Lactalis BH.

More products on production lines Inmer are result of the export orientation of the company Lactalis BH. Over 50% of products were exported to the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania in 2015. This contributed to the fact that Lactalis BH participated with 34% share in volumes of exported milk and dairy products from B&H in the 2015. This information confirms that the demand for products of Inmer on foreign markets is increasing.


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