Initiative for Permanent Memory of McCain in Sarajevo to be launched soon?

“Senator John McCain was a great friend of BiH. His death came as a shock to all of us, but we are proud to had him on our side,” said Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka.

He noted that McCain visited the capital city of BiH on several occasions during his political career and built a special relationship with our country, but that citizens of BiH especially remember his engagement and representation during some of our most difficult years.

“Senator McCain called things as they were and searched for a fair solution even back then. His contribution in the great help that the American people provided to people of BiH was much appreciated,” said Skaka.

He noted that he will launch an initiative for Sarajevo, as the capital of BiH, to pay tribute to senator McCain and ensure a permanent memory of his great role in building and maintaining friendly relations between the people of BiH and the USA.

Sarajevo Times



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