Insistence on Differences is not in the Interest of the People of this Country

Insisting on difference isn’t good for anyone and is against the teachings of our religious founder Ibrahim or Abraham is the joint message of the Eid reception in Mostar, organized by the Musti of Mostar, Salem ef. Dedovic.

Many from the social, political and economic life of Mostar and Herzegovina, as well as representatives of all religious communities in that area, attended.

“Eid al-Fitr is a synthesis of two ritual duties in Islam – conducting the Hajj and sacrificing animals. Both rituals have their continuity and the most direct link with the prophet Ibrahim, whose religious, spiritual and cultural heritage is common to all monotheistic traditions. That’s why Ibrahim’s heritage is so important to all of us, because it connects people, religious and members of different religions,” Dedovic said in his welcome speech.

People today are in dire need of integrating concepts which recognize the common welfare, the Mufi continued and said that insisting on differences is against Ibrahim’s teaching’s and isn’t in the general civilizational interest.

“That’s not all at in there interest of people of this country, who are curing their wounds and disagreements and where losers are those who don’t recognize the opportunities to contstruct a quality and neighborly life in this country” Dedovic concluded.

Danilo Pavlovic, on behalf of the Serb Orthodox Church, wished all Muslims a happy Eid and confirmed that Eid is reminiscent that all people are one, since both Muslims and Christians here believe in one Abraham’s or Ibrahim’s tradition since they all believe in one God.

Zeljko Majic, on behalf of the Catholic Church, wished all Muslims a happy Eid and said that all those who wish for joint life and togetherness have a good interlocutor in the Catholic Church.

Fra Iko Skoko, on behalf of the Herzegovina Jesuits, wished all Muslims a happy Eid and agreed with the already mentioned messages of peace, togetherness and building of community.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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