Inspectors in the Field after the Fish Pestilence in the Neretva River near Mostar


Immediately after finding out about the fish pestilence at the mouth of Susica stream in the Neretva river, the Federal Administration for Inspection Issues sent a federal water inspector to the scene to determine the facts and carry out the necessary official acts.

The federal water inspector is accompanied by an employee of the Adriatic Sea Watershed Agency, and police officers of the Police Department in Mostar.

Samples of water and dead fish were taken, which will be submitted for laboratory testing to determine the pestilence causes. Once the laboratory analysis results are completed, further official actions will be implemented.

A large fish pestilence was spotted yesterday morning in Vrapcici, north of Mostar, and was caused by sewage water spilling from the Uborak landfill.

Susica is a stream that flows through the place Vrapcici, right next to the Uborak landfill, whose operations for the last ten years have been a serious problem for the life and health of citizens in the northern suburbs of Mostar.

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