Intensive Construction on Border Crossing Bijača

The Chairman of the State Commission for Integrated Border Management Miro Džakula announced in Sarajevo today that there is intensive work being done on the construction of the border crossing of Bijača, which is located near the border crossing Doljani.

He said that while speaking on the condition of the border crossing in BiH where imports and exports of goods from the EU and Croatia are allowed after Croatia becomes an EU member on 1 July after the trilateral meeting of BiH-Croatia-EU Commission last week in Brussels.

“Today we are intensively working in two shifts in order to build a border crossing of Bijača, and if necessary we will introduce a third one. The administration for indirect taxation is not to blame for the delays so far’’, says Džakula.

‘’When it comes to the border crossing Izačić, the text of the agreement on border passing indicates the possibility to construct a border passing here for all goods of phytosanitary origin that would be exported to the EU when inspections become certified from EU institutions and can guarantee the quality of BiH products.

‘’Now we have three border crossings with the inspection supervision of Bijača (BIP), Bosanska Gradiška and Izačić, and there are three BIP’s for products of plant origin that we can freely export to the EU, and those are Gorica, Ivanjica and Orašje, said Džakula.

He said that the goal of the committee was equality in achieving an agreement in order to protect the maximum interest of all BiH citizens and in every region of BiH.

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