International Diving Competition Sarajevo Bentbasa 2015 to be held in August

Bentbasa Diving depo.baThe International diving competition Sarajevo Bentbasa 2015 will be held on Saturday, August 22nd 2015, at 4 p.m. at the celebrated bathing area Bentbasa. Once again, the best divers in the region will compare their skills.

According to the applications so far, 20 divers from Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and B&H will compete. As of this year, they will join the diving platform in Sarajevo to the diving tour in the region. The initiator of the competition is a member of the Organization „Sport Active“ Dino Bajric, who is one of the best divers in B&H and the region himself.

“Given that the Sarajevans have not had an opportunity to watch diving in our city, it was my wish to introduce my fellow citizens a little better to the sport I am doing, and bring the best divers from the region to Bentbasa. We will jump from the platform installed at a height of 15 meters in Miljacka River, which is over three meters deep at this site“, said Bajric.

Thereby, the lovers of this sport in B&H will, after Konjic, Banja Luka, Visegrad, Mostar and Jajce, have an opportunity to watch „the flights“ in Sarajevo as well, and once popular bathing area will be in the focus of the public again.

“We hope that Sarajevans will recognize out desire to save our Bentbasa from oblivion, and join us on Saturday afternoon in a large number. Also, given that the competition is being held at the peak of the tourist season and at the time of the finale of the 21st Sarajevo Film Festival, we believe that numerous tourists in Sarajevo will also take advantage of the opportunity and watch the attractive diving, and look for their spot in the audience. Our wish is to obtain a permit for the installation of the platform at the height of 17 meters next year, and thereby have one of the highest diving platforms in B&H, along with the Old Bridge in Mostar and the waterfall in Jajce, here on Bentbasa“, said Bajric.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo depo)

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