Inventor of World Wide Web and Google Experts at the Gathering in Sarajevo

Experts in the field of IT, world web developers and programmer gathered in Sarajevo at the eminent CERN’s ROOT Workshop where they exchange their ideas and talk about the future of web development.

The man who is responsible for this gathering of eminent experts that is being held in Sarajevo is Edmond Offerman, the honorary citizen of Sarajevo and the man who donated almost 4 million EUR for the renovation of Trebevic cable car.

“I have deep connections with CERN, as well as with Sarajevo, and I just wanted to organize this event here. This is the first time we organize this type of workshop in Sarajevo,” said Offerman.

He explained that this conference is being held every two years in cities all around the world, and he is especially pleased with the fact that Sarajevo is included in the list of CERN.

Furthermore, this workshop is taking place at the Academy of Sciences and Arts and it will last until Thursday. BH students have the opportunity to hear novelties in this area from experts like Timothy Berners-Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web, Rene Brune, chief developer at CERN, and Chandler Carruth, the leading C ++ developer in Google.

(Source: A. D./Klix.ba)


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