Is a Boycott of the 2022 Elections possible?

It was checked whether it is possible that, in the case that the Election Law is not amended, the next General Elections will not be held, as announced by the leader of the HDZ Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Dragan Covic.

“Elections are planned for next year if the Election Law is adopted. Without the Election Law, elections cannot be organized and conducted, just as the elections in Mostar could not be organized until we agreed on the election rules in Mostar. By the decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH, someprovisions of the Election Law have been repealed. So, in order to hold elections next year, amendments to the Election Law must be adopted in the Parliament of BiH in this non-election year, ” said Covic in an interview with Vecernji List.

The SDA does not want to comment on this position of the HDZ BiH leader.

It was found out in the Central Election Commission (CEC) how likely is that this scenario which Covic announced will happen.

Zeljko Bakalar, the president of this institution, told that he “does not know what Mr. Covic meant”, but pointed out that “according to the Election Law, the elections must be held in 2022.”

He added that the CEC of BiH will call elections in the fifth month of next year if there is no amendments in the Election Law according to the norm that is valid.

The CEC BiH will call elections, and what can disable them is the lack of funds.

Vehid Sehic from the NGO ‘Pod lupom’ stated that it is wrong to talk about the “Mostarization of BiH” since in the case of Mostar, the Constitutional Court declared certain provisions unconstitutional, which is not the case when it comes to the General Elections.

Also, he said that “it would not be right” for any of the citizens not to participate in the elections.

Zarko Papic mentioned that “everyone deliberately ignores what is the key thing – the matter of the integrity of the elections.”

He explained that the matter of integrity is not the “only problem” and that the election of the Croatian member of the Presidency of BiH is also a problem, BHRT writes.


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