Islamic Community in BiH requests the Reversal of the Decision by the NSRS

161029053-3_xxlThe Mufti Council and Riyasat of Islamic Community in BiH organized an extraordinary session on the occasion of the decision by the National Assembly of Republika Srpska(NSRS) to present recognitions to the persons who were convicted for war crimes and genocide before the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague. The Riyasat requires from the NSRS to reverse this decision.

The Riyasat stated that this act represents “institutional mockery of values, norms and institutions of international and civilizational order, a brutal attack on the framework agreement for peace in BiH, wanton violation of human and political conditions for establishment of peace in dialogue, reconciliation and cooperation, as well as a terrible insult of the victims of mass crimes”.

“We demand from the NSRS reverse its decision on the presentation of recognitions to the committers of war crimes and the genocide, in the interest of peace and coexistence, and with the aim of putting responsibility for the crimes on their committers and taking the blame off the Serb nation as a whole. If the NSRS does not reverse the decision, we require the High Representative of the international community in BiH to do that. We expect the national and political institutions of BiH, Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Serb Orthodox Church and international associations for human rights to react to the magnification of war criminals by the NSRS,” it was stated on the session.

Riyasat of Islamic Community in BiH greeted the OSCE decision to return the charter awarded by the NSRS at the same session when the decision was made to present recognitions to the persons convicted of war crimes.

“We expect the other diplomats who attended the session of the NSRS at which recognitions were presented to war criminals to publicly apologize to the victims of the genocide, otherwise the Islamic Community will reconsider the conditions of further cooperation with them. The Islamic Community will address all relevant international bodies and institutions in the world regarding the position of Muslims, Bosniaks in the BiH entity RS,” it was stated.

(Source: klix.ba)

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