It is time for improvement in Srebrenica

The Head of the delegation and the special representative of the EU in B&H, the Ambassador Peter Sorensen said that election results in B&H were confirmed, and as such have to be respected and accepted by the public.

“We saw that all local mechanisms were used in the appeal process, which enabled everyone to use the rights issued by the law. The institutions have finished their work and the entire process had been finalized”- said the Ambassador Sorensen.

As he said, the formation of a stable democracy on all levels, including the municipal level, is the key element of the ” Copenhagen criteria”, which is the essential part of the obligations of every country that want to be a member of the EU.

“Citizens of Srebrenica are now asking for the establishment of functional municipal authorities that will be able to work on the improvement of the quality of life”- said Ambassador Sorensen.

The Ambassador also called upon the local politicians to make progress and help the resolution of key issues of citizens.


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