Foundation ”Herbert Stepic” built a facility for children with special needs in Poto

The Association ”Butterfly” (Leptir) in Potočari now has a new day care facility centre for children with special needs, which has been built and equipped by Hilfswerk Austria Foundation. Foundation Herbert Stepic donated the money.

The Association will now have a better place for rehabilitation and education of children.

Herbert Stepic gave 92.500 EUR, while the Municipality gave 9.000 EUR for land and for construction permits.

“This is a partnership between BiH and Austria. I’m proud that this project is realized in Potocari, Srebrenica and in the future it will help the returnee population,” said Austrian Ambassador to BiH Donatus Köck.

Association “Butterfly” is the only association in the region of Birač that provides services and support to children and young people with various types of disabilities.

It is well-known in the local community, but also in the entire BiH, because it propagates coexistence of all nations of BiH.


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