Play ”Skapino” will be playing in The Sarajevo Youth Theatre

The play ”Skapino”, directed by Kaća Dorić and Nenad Veličković, will be playing tomorrow in The Sarajevo Youth Theatre, starting at 8 p.m.

Stage and costume designer is Vanja Popovic, music was composed by Nedžad Merdžanović i Hamo Salihbegović. Admir Glamočak, Mario Drmać, Aldin Omerović, Damir Kustura, Ajla Cabrera, Alma Merunka, Sanin Milavić, Mirza Tanović, Suada Ahmetašević, Mirza Dervišić and Nermin Tulić will play.

The play ”Skapino” is a contemporary version of Moliere’s The Impostures of Scapin (Les Fourberies de Scapin) and it ironies the general human weakness that is caused by various human cravings, among others, human craving for money and love.


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