Japan Will Donate Funds for Projects in Petrovac, Šekovići and Kiseljak

The government of Japan approved grant funds totaling 416.780 KM for two projects in the area of environmental protection in the municipalities of Petrovac and Šekovići, and for a project in water supply in Kiseljak.

In order to solve the problem of central heating in elementary schools and in the health center in Petrovac, the Japanese government will award grant funds amounting 172.598 KM for the purchase and installation of biomass boilers.

With the installation of a new boiler, the municipality would be able to use wood waste for the central heating system, which would, in addition to the environmental benefits of the system, result in a significant reduction in heating costs.

Also, the government of Japan awarded grants totaling 87.308 KM for the purchase of new vehicles for waste collection in municipality Šekovići.

The utility company “Zelenilo i čistoća” (Green and Clean” deals with the collection and disposal of waste in the municipality, but currently only has one very old and damaged truck that cannot perform garbage collection in the hilly areas of the municipality.

The third project from the Japanese government deals with the reconstruction of a water supply system in the local community of Bilalovac in municipality Kiseljak.

Funds totaling 158.888 KM would be used to replace and outdated piping system, which would be fitted with a reliable water supply system throughout the entire year.

The ceremony of the signing of the contract on the allocation of grants will be held on Friday, 15 March in the Embassy of Japan in Sarajevo.

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