Jasmin Geljo nominated for “Canadian Oscar”

geljoAward of the Canadian Academy of Film and Television named ‘Canadian Screen Awards’ might go in the hands of B&H actor Jasmin Gale.

He is on the long list of nominated actors, directors, writers, television workers and producers who are hoping for the Canadian version of the Oscar.

Geljo, who is known to B&H public by the role of Mima Sis from the legendary play “Audition”, won Canadian public with a leading role in the movie “The Waiting Room,” by Bosnian-Canadian director and screenwriter Igor Drljaca.

Geljo was nominated for the award for best leading actor in the mentioned piece, which tells the story about B&H diaspora that lives in Toronto.

Canadian Screen Awards has been awarded since 2013, and on the 13th of March this year its fourth edition will take place.


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