Jim and Adisa Marshall, even after 18 years are still very much in love

On the occasion of 14 February, St. Valentine’s Day, the Anadolu News Agency searched for a love that survived through various hardships, and the story of Jim and Adisa Marshall is just that.

Their love was born in the war, when Jim Marshall came to Mostar in 1994 from Scotland, and although he planned to stay for three weeks, he made BiH his home.

He used to work for a charity organisation in Edinburgh in nineties, and as 24 year old, he came to Mostar to help the young people, and in 1995 he moved to Sarajevo where he met Adisa and they’ve been married for ten years now.

They’ve met in a club, when Adisa was 19, and it was the love on first sight, and although later they haven’t seen each other for four years, when they finally met, they decided that they are meant for each other.

The couple says that every relation is made on compromise and that it takes a lot of effort to make it work.

Adisa and Jim, who come from different cultures and nations, managed to overcome all obstacles and remained together.

Adisa said that they are trying to raise their son so that he is aware of both his cultures, both Scottish and BiH.

Adisa shared one of her dearest memories with Anadolu Agency and said: ”It’s a map, which we still, that Jim got from my friend Dajana who gave him in the war period so who could find me. He didn’t have the address and he didn’t know much of Sarajevo, and she drew him a map,  which he keeps to this day, with my phone number.”

Soul mates always find each other, regardless of the distance, and Scotsman Jim and Bosnian Adisa are the proof of that claim. The love that started in the war, the difference between cultures they were raised in, only strengthen the emotions and their relationship, and today, after so many so many years, love still blazes in their eyes.

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