Johnatan Moore: Relations between B&H and Serbia Excellent!

Moore About B&H and Serbia faktor.baThe relations between Serbia and Herzegovina are excellent, said Johnatan Moore, the Head of OSCE Mission in B&H, greeting the announced arrival of the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic to the investment conference in Srebrenica.

In an interview for yesterday’s issue of “Politika”, Moore assessed Vucic’s arrival in Potocari in July this year a “statesmanlike move”.

“His move to go to Potocari on July 11th was a statesmanlike move. We were together in the Battery Factory prior to the attack, and I was also not far away when the attack started. The statement of the Prime Minister upon return to Belgrade was also statesmanlike”, the Ambassador said.

Moore reminded how the Government of Serbia hosted the members of the Presidency of B&H afterwards, and announced that the joint session of the two Governments will be held in Sarajevo on November 4th.

“Thereby, I can say that the bilateral relations of two neighboring countries are excellent and I welcome the announced arrival of the Prime Minister Vucic to the investment conference in Srebrenica in November”, Moore pointed out.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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