Kasipović: Serious Reforms in Judiciary of B&H in the next Year

Reforms in Judiciary faktor.baMinister of Justice of Republika Srpska (RS) Anton Kasipović considers that 2016 is a year of serious reforms in judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he is optimistic – he believes a lot can be done.

According to Kasipović, the amendments to the law on Court of B&H is a key topic in the continuation of the structured dialogue, as a part of directives which would resolve the current neuralgic spot, the so-called expanded jurisdiction, within the substantive legislation in the Criminal Law of B&H.

“I think we are on a good path to have new laws, prepared in one quality cooperation of the three ministries of justice in B&H, the Judicial Commission of the Brčko District, with the support of the European Commission and based on the analysis by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of B&H, in January next year”, said the Minister of Justice of RS.

When asked if this is the point of termination of reasons for which the government in RS initiated the referendum in RS on Court and Judiciary of B&H, Kasipović said that the best way is always to talk and work together.

“We’re on a good path to resolve the key neuralgic points. Second part of the job remains, which is very important, and those are the amendments to the Law on High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council in terms of appointments and selection of judges and prosecutors. It is well known that, in the protocol signed in Brussels on September 10, we have adopted the principles proposed by the Ministry of Justice of RS”, Kasipović said.

A series of directives must be changed, and Kasipović explained that at the next session of the Government of RS he will suggest the convocation of a working group that will include several criminal judges from the RS who would work on this important legal act.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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