Kearns: The UK and the Parliament sent a Message that they support the BiH Citizens

The Parliament of the United Kingdom (UK) held a debate yesterday on the political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina(BiH), and many UK officials sent very clear messages of support to BiH and state institutions during the debate.

After yesterday‘s debate, British deputy Alicia Kearns (Conservative Party) pointed out that the UK Parliament yesterday clearly and unanimously supported the Dayton Agreement and the High Representative in BiH, who was also present during the debate in Parliament yesterday.

The public relations department of the UK parliamentarian indicated that yesterday‘s debate was extremely well attended and that the deputies gave impressive speeches, and expressed their support by wearing badges with the flags of the UK and BiH.

“With yesterday‘s debate, we called on the UK government to take specific steps to maintain peace and stability in BiH. There is no doubt that the UK Parliament firmly stands with the stability of BiH. Today, the Parliament also sent a message that the UK stands behind the citizens of BiH and that it will notallow malicious actors to threaten stability in the Western Balkans. This is not only a moral imperative but also a security need to maintain peace in BiH,” Kearns stated yesterday.

Also, after the discussion, it was emphasized that the UKgovernment has already taken certain steps that show a clear commitment to BiH, including sending a special envoy for the Western Balkans, Stuart Peach.

“These activities followed the visit of Lord Ahmad and Baroness Goldie to BiH, the NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Riga,and the invitation of the High Representative to visit the UK, as requested by all parliamentary groups in Parliament,” it was said.



Source: Klix.ba

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