Kemal Hrnjic: The Damage was done, we are hoping for a Positive Decision

meggleProhibition of the export of milk to the EU from B&H caused a damage to the image of our country because we know how long we were preparing for the start of the export, said Kemal Hrnjic, director of the dairy Meggle Bihac.

As a reminder, on 26th August, the day when the export of milk products to the EU from B&H was supposed to start, B&H Veterinary Office was informed that one member of the EU submitted an appeal and that the export was stopped.

That country was neighboring Croatia which stated in its written appeal that the competent inspection should once more visit approved dairies before the start of the export.

But, the truth is different. As Mirko Sarovic, Minister of the Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H, said, neighbors were actually afraid of the competitiveness of BH mil, and when you take into account the fact that only in 2014, we exported 15 million kg of milk and milk products, than the calculation is clear.

European Commission should adopt a decision on acceptance or rejection of the appeal until 10th September, and BH dairies hope that the decision will be in the favor of B&H.

“I hope for the positive decision. And also for the comeback to the Croatian market“, said Hrnjic.

As a reminder, B&H lost the market of Croatia on 1st July 2013, when it entered the European Union and that was one of the most important markets for BH producers.

Dairies that were allowed to export to the EU are Meggle Bihac, Milkos, Livno and Mlijekoprodukt.

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